310 HTC

A model hardtop
310 HTC


310 HTC
Galeon 310 HTC was designed to present a more aggressive profile and features than the leisure oriented flybridge variant. Both yachts share the same interior layout with a notable difference being the presence of an automatic glass roof over the helm station in the HTC. Sleek and nimble, the 310 is sure to please all yacht enthusiasts. The exterior clearly resembles that of other third generation Galeon yachts with its broad windows and dynamic features. The passengers will surely make use of conveniently planned cockpit which is available with both a fixed bench and a fold-out seating that is perfect for sunbathing. An additional sundeck area awaits on the bow.


Technical data

Lenghth overall
9,60/10,40 [m]
Beam overall
2,99 [m]
Draft max. (canoe body)
0,72 [m]
Mass of Light Craft Condition
5540 [kg]
Max. engine (-s) power
2x147/200 [kW/HP]
Crew limit


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