520 Open

Stunning looks, ample space and commendable performance
520 Open


520 Open
Galia 520 Open has great looks, plenty of space on board as well as commendable performance. Both sport seats and part of the transom bench are protected from the wind by the windscreen. The bow has ample seating space which can be transformed into a sundeck. The small cabin is best used as storage space and can be optionally fitted with a manual or chemical toilet.

Hydraulic steering and foldable bimini are among the recommended extra equipment. The crew limit is capped at five or seven, depending on the chosen category. Various, distinct color lines are available for better customization.


Technical data

Length of the hull
5,20 [m]
Beam of the hull
2,10 [m]
Max draft
0,40 [m]
Mass without engine
940 [kg]
Max engine
85/115 [kW/HP]
Crew limit
Fuel tank
100 [l]
Engine leg length
20” (L) [in]
C / D


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