520 Sundeck

Stunning exterior complete with a bow cabin
520 Sundeck


520 Sundeck
Galia 520 Sundeck offers a good sized cabin along the spacious bow sundeck. The sleek and sporty design will suit the fun-loving individuals, while the hull delivers the desired performance. Central seats, protected by the console windscreen, have great visibility and allow the driver complete control. The bow cabin is spacious enough for two and can serve as an extra storage space if needed. Depending on the chosen category, five or seven passengers can be onboard. All color lines are available.


Technical data

Length of the hull
5,20 [m]
Beam of the hull
2,10 [m]
Max draft
0,40 [m]
Mass without engine
940 [kg]
Max engine
85/115 [kW/HP]
Crew limit


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