525 Cruiser

Stunning exterior complete with a bow cabin
525 Cruiser


525 Cruiser
Galia 525 Cruiser is an all-round cabin boat that will handle any conditions. The spacious bow cabin is tall enough to comfortably sit in and can be fitted with a convenient toilet. Two sport seats and a fold out bench occupy the cockpit with extra space for the optional table. The bow hatch and side windows brighten the interior, while the U-shaped windscreen protects the passengers from the elements. Stow away bimini and canvas support are available along all custom color lines.


Technical data

Length of the hull
5,20 [m]
Beam of the hull
2,10 [m]
Max draft
0,40 [m]
Mass without engine
940 [kg]
Max engine
85/115 [kW/HP]
Crew limit


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