570 Sundeck

Stunning exterior complete with a bow cabin
570 Sundeck


570 Sundeck
Galia 570 Sundeck has dynamic, sporty features yet offers a full length, spacious cabin. Two berths can be found down below with a lot of extra room for storage. The cockpit holds double sport seats and a wide sofa with an option to fit in an additional table. Ample space on the bow sundeck is inviting for all those seeking leisure and excitement. The model can be equipped with a wide range of electronic and navigational equipment a foldable bimini and all custom color lines.


Technical data

Length of the hull
5,70 [m]
Beam of the hull
2,38 [m]
Max draft
0,40 [m]
Mass without engine
1070 [kg]
Max engine
111/150 [kW/HP]
Crew limit


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